Exmoor Photography | Barn Owls, Red Deer Rut & more!

Barn Owls, Red Deer Rut & more!

November 03, 2012

Barn Owls, Red Deer Rut & more!

A lot colder on Exmoor this week in fact I saw my first snowfall yesterday but it didn’t stick. The Red Deer Rut appears to have stopped for now, although it did start up again for a bit at the end of November last year, so you never know. The Rut although shorter this year has been one my best yet despite one very foggy week, got some lovely images of big stags both on the open moor and from my hide, so I’m very happy and can’t wait until next year! Also caught up with some old acquaintances and made some new ones this year, which is always nice. I’ve been seeing some Exmoor Barn Owls most mornings very early just when it’s getting light, which is always a real pleasure. Also been seeing a male Hen Harrier on a regular basis, he is in great condition, but every time I have seen him I have been distracted doing something else so have missed the photograph! I did nearly get him the other day, but some Exmoor Ponies got in the way! I think the shot that was sharp had a pony in front of it, well that’s my excuse anyway! I’ll get him eventually, just have to be patient. Another thing I have noticed is the beautiful colours showing as the trees change this autumn, there is a few locations I have been keeping an eye on waiting for the colours to be right for landscapes. Just need it to stop raining for a bit as well now!

On the shop front, I have decided to stock the Elizabeth Carrington Frame range in store.  I looked at several ranges but decided that these offer very nice quality and are good value for money. I am stocking the following styles and sizes and will increase the range in due course. These frames will fit almost all of my standard mounts and of course, you can buy them for your own cherished pictures as well. They are proving popular with customers already so I’m glad I decided to stock them!

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