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Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) Hide 2023 blog#1:
Exmoor photography kingfisher hide (exmoorphotographycourse.co.uk)
Great start to our kingfisher season, all customers have had plenty of visits and photo opportunities. Despite my having a hospital visit one day we still managed to get most done.
Activity at the hide has picked up and I now have up to 4 juveniles visiting our stretch of river at different times, 3 juvenile males and 1 juvenile female (I think I spotted a second female briefly too). I also had a juvenile male and female at the same time the other day that resulted in lots of territory calling and head ‘dipping’. This continued for over an hour before they ended up fighting in the river but to my huge relief both survived!
Thanks to everyone so far who have behaved appropriately in the hide, resulting in no disturbance and lots of visits. Ethical wildlife photography is a big part of what we are all about. The birds always come first not the photography.
Juvenile Kingfishers: Female has smaller orange bib on lower beak, often referred to as its lipstick and muddy orange/black feet.
Male has black beak and muddy orange/black feet. Both young juveniles have white tips on their beaks.

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