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Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) Hide 2023 blog final:
Exmoor photography kingfisher hide (exmoorphotographycourse.co.uk)
Fully booked every day last 2 weeks plus with some great Kingfisher photography completed by all.
Perhaps the best day for me was a ‘mates’ day which I spent with my friend Mr S who is poorly just now. But I think watching Kingfishers lifted his spirits. We had what I can only describe as an epic day. With at least 5 juvenile Kingfishers chasing each other about at times, including an ongoing ‘spat’ between one pair that lasted for over 4 hours! I have seen this several times over the years, but this was truly exceptional. This pair really did not like each other some of the most vicious fighting between Kingfishers I have ever observed. The light was awful we were stuck under very dark clouds all day, so I had to use all my knowledge and experience while pushing the camera to its limits. With a huge dose of luck mixed in as well!
I cannot think of a better person to have shared this experience with, thank you Mr S. At times we were both grinning from ear to ear.
Considering that Kingfisher when not perched do everything else at a fast and furious pace, you must be ‘in the zone’ and concentrating. What a memorable day that I will never forget.
Kingfisher including juveniles are very territorial birds and with fight sometimes ending up in the river where one can drown the other. The spat is often started with lots of calling, wing displaying and sitting bolt upright ‘bowing’ very slowly. I have often seen perched Kingfishers ‘torpedoed’ off the perch by another Kingfisher flying very fast straight at it. Most spats are short with one bird conceding very quickly.
I completed the last Kingfisher hide session of the season yesterday (bank holiday Monday).
Alison and I would like to thank all the Kingfisher clients this season, everyone has been fantastic respecting the birds and their habitat. It has been a pleasure to share the experience with you all.
I am already looking forward to running them again next season. Please keep an eye on the website for updates.

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