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Red Deer Rut Specials October 2023 Final Blog:
Another fully booked red deer rut successfully finished for 2023. I think every client left with some images to be proud of and every single stag left where we found it, my absolute golden rule.
The rut felt a little late this season because of the extremely hot weather in the first week. Although the hinds will still come into season the stags can be a little ‘lazy’ in hot weather. We only lost 2 days this year to severe weather forecast. Obviously, its Exmoor in October and stalking deer will mean getting a little wet and possibly muddy!
A massive thank you to everyone who attended this month; it really does make our job so much easier when clients listen to our advice, knowledge of field craft and experience when deer stalking. You were all fantastic, great company and we and some laughs along the way, so it was our pleasure to welcome some of you to Exmoor for the very first time. Some people also actually laughed at my jokes!
I also must thank Jamie and Alison, Jamie for all the early starts, his efforts during the stalks and putting up with my chattering in his ear! Obviously, my job is to advise and check camera settings, spot deer, and help plan the stalking. However, because of my disability I really am too slow now and some of the locations would be difficult for me to get to.
Even on his last day with me this rut he probably did one of the most punishing stalks this season, but he absolutely nailed it. Both clients came back beaming, delighted with the images they captured.
Jamie wasn’t available for the final day this week, so Alison kindly stood in. Although Alison has been stalking with me before it’s been a while, but she absolutely smashed it! With help and some guidance from me she and the client Brian successfully stalked all the days stags, leaving them where they found them.
Again, thank you, Alison, for all the very early starts, the booking process and warm welcome with all the clients at the meet and greet. I know I am a very, very lucky man.
I spend the best part of 6 weeks before and during the rut scouting the ‘usual’ stag locations in preparation for our clients. I am completely shattered now and hurting a bit but what a great rut it’s been. We have witnessed some terrific sunrises this month and spotted some other wildlife on our travels around Exmoor including Foxes, Fieldfare, Golden Plover, Hen Harriers, Barn Owl, Buzzards, Kestrels and 10 Red Kites together on Molland Moor!
We have received some lovely reviews this month, thank you.
Reviews: https://www.exmoorphotographycourse.co.uk/reviews
Jack & Alison
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