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Do apertures, shutter speeds & ISO's baffle you? Does your camera have other settings that remain a mystery?
Does reading the manual just confuse you even more!
Then this is the course for you. Jack will show you these settings (& more) & explain what they do.
Laminated field guide handout for every customer attending the course (for you to keep) - also available in other languages
New for 2020
We are thrilled that the National Trust, Dunster Castle has chosen us again to run our 6 hour outdoor workshop at the Castle
Adobe Lightroom CC: Book any of our bespoke 1:1 all day courses (not Red Deer Rut) and Jack will also complete a short session at the end of each day covering basic editing 'entry level' using the Adobe software if you wish. There will be an additional 18 page guide to accompany this session that is yours to keep. Plus our normal field guide handouts up to 42 pages.
What better place to learn & improve your photography, than the stunning surroundings of Exmoor National Park.

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