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I will be uploading links to video clips on this page for your enjoyment. They are not for sale at the moment, but I could be open to offers!

Click on the links below and enjoy.(you may need to adjust the viewing size on playback, images are heavily compressed) 

Red Deer Rut 2011

“This was taken from one of my hides this year. I had been busy at the shop so had not visited this one as much as usual. The resident stag had sat down for a sleep with his hinds and I was having a cup of coffee. All of a sudden, a second stag appeared from nowhere. Instead of the usual pre amble, bolving, bluffing and squaring up, they simply charged straight at each other like two trains. The noise was amazing. They were actually locked for nearly 40 minutes, which allowed me to take all the stills I wanted and this short video clip. I know there not massive stags but considering my hide was in the same field it was and still is one of the best Red Deer watching moments I have ever had!”